Haven’t posted anything in almost a week. I am now 36 years old. Super excited about work…I am now with Prudential.

No rehearsal or performance today… I feel like something is missing…I’m gonna feel super crazy when the show ends…I should start planning for those feelings right now. I’m excited to start training at prudential, just waiting for them to call me to start my transfer. It’s my last day being 35, I guess I’ll grow up now…

Have you ever felt that everything in your life was leading up to this point.

Opening performance was Awesome!!!! What a great day!!! I am super blessed to have the opportunity to work with these kids…right now I’m excited about my interview at prudential in the morning … And after that I’m gonna see Where the Wild Things Are…fun fun fun

What a great day…super busy. Went to my parents place to wash my car. Cut my hair and hemmed my pants while I was there. Went to rehearsal…it was great! Made an appointment to have my second interview with Prudential Locations on Friday at 10:30…so excited!

Good and tired

Today was a great day. Went to the staff meeting at c21…then had an interview at Prudential Locations…have a lot to think about. Not sure if I want to stay with an intimate company which is kinda bare bones but the people seem super nice and supportive…or go with the larger company which seems to have everything an agent would want… Right now I’m leaning toward going with Prudential…I hope it’s the right choice. My parents seem suprisingly supportive in my decision considering going with prudential would mean more money up front… Rehearsal was great too..worked out a bunch of problems that we have with costume changes and props…

My first post

This would be me

This would be me